Nostalgia SYNOPSIS

What shapes us, destiny or accident? One man plunges back into his past using the internet to seek those answers.  Peter (Seth Macari) wants to know how he ended up stranded in a standard marriage and a boring job. Though he loves his wife Suzy (Aimee Bourgon) and his two kids, he wonders how his life would have turned out if he’d zigged instead of zagged, went one way instead of another.

The questions eventually lead him through a series of web pages and to Kelly (Kelli Nordhus), the beautiful kid sister of his first flame. Carefree and single, Kelly soon takes him away from the concerns of his marriage and his grinding job.

In a film that examines nostalgia and the preconceptions of our past, Peter is transported back to a simpler time, with meaningful conversations, long walks on the beach, and a first kiss. Enraptured by his new love, Peter soon loses focus for his family, wife and his manipulative boss Arlen (John Hansen) as he narrows in on the lessons of love and sex in the digital age.  Watching from the sidelines are Peter’s young writer protégées, Alycine (Kimberly Barnett), Kyle (Jason Frost), Val (Kelly Flynn) and Mark (Dennis Baker) who are absorbing the formative experiences that will eventually comprise their own revered nostalgia. But what is the truth in this dance between youth’s wistful simplicity and the wisdom of experience spiraling through a movie that deftly explores the point of view of its own desires?

The shock is there at the end, as Peter is thrown out of his house, fired from his job, and charged with theft by his company.  Witnessed by all, Peter is about to learn the exquisite difference between accident and destiny as nostalgia shines a bright light into his past and present, showing them to be vividly different than Peter, or anyone, ever expected.


35mm   Wide Screen  1 : 2.35 
Dolby 5.1 
Running Time: 100min